3 Common Team Challenges and How to Move Beyond Them

The busier we are, our minds get cluttered and we can grow less patient and less focused.

This busy-ness increases the likelihood of being reactive to any stressors – traffic jams, a missed deadline, office/family politics – and less likely to feel happy, productive and effective.  

You want to create an environment where people have the know-how and skills to clear the mind when it gets cluttered, so they can stay emotionally well, focus on what matters and feel fabulous!

3 Common Challenges your Team Members Experience 

1) Communication clutter – when you think you are being clear yet people are misunderstanding your intention. Your mind is cluttered trying to understand why people aren’t ‘getting it’ or why they are not doing what you have asked.  

Here are the signs of communication clutter that will affect any team member at any time:

  • People feel puzzled and frustrated about the direction or objectives.
  • Things aren’t getting done.
  • Recurring behaviours: You repeat instructions, don’t see the results.

2) Confidence Clutter – when your mind is cluttered with thoughts of how others perceive you and where you fit into the hierarchy at any given moment.

Here are the signs of confidence clutter that will affect any team member at any time:

  • People won’t speak up (when mistakes are made, in meetings or when there are conflicting views/opinions)
  • Some people will “over power” conversations with their energy, knowledge, passion
  • People are selective about what they say or share
  • People work in silos
  • Skills or knowledge don’t get shared

3) Conflict Clutter– when your mind is preoccupied with how to feel safe and comfortable to share ideas when there are differing points of view.

Here are the signs of conflict clutter that will affect any team member at any time:

  • People seem to resist ideas from others
  • People don’t feel heard, or feel misunderstood
  • Conversation gets stuck in power struggles
  • People are frustrated
  • Tension is high

In all the busy-ness…

if you had a way to show each team member (every single person – assistants, junior and senior staff, managers, interns, new employees, lifers…) how to work with the stress and tension that often comes with communication, confidence and conflict clutter, would you do it?

If you could create an environment where people felt safe and comfortable to speak when they disagree, don’t understand, make a mistake, don’t feel well, or have concerns, would you?

Move Beyond Team Challenges

Use this infographic below as guide to help you create a team culture that helps people thrive:

Practice these conscious communication skills and let us know where we can help you.

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