Can your communication improve mental health?

Imagine if you were feeling overwhelmed at work:

  • the workload is increasing,
  • you are understaffed,
  • there are last minute requests,
  • there are behaviours in the office that clash with your values,
  • people around you are stressed…

Do such stressors ever impact your emotional well-being (mental health)?

Or what if you are feeling stressed because of concerns with family or friends and you are trying hard to stay focused at work:

How much/well are you sleeping? What are your eating habits like? How much are you exercising?

How is your patience and emotional well-being if these answers aren’t optimal?

Now what if you were experiencing these stressors and they were impacting your productivity, energy, and teamwork? What if you wanted to discuss this with your manager but weren’t sure how to do it without seeming like a ‘complainer’? What if you were overwhelmed and tried to discuss it with your manager or a colleague, and they were just too busy to listen?

On the flipside...

What impact could you have on an employee or colleague if you focused on mastering communication skills that help people improve their personal situations?

We help you master conscious communication skills, so they are naturally part of your way of being. This helps you reduce the overall impact that stressors such as time pressures, work demands, relationship conflicts, resistance, etc. can have on you and your employees.

Conscious Communication skills allow you and your team members to learn important life skills. You create the habit of connecting, interacting, expressing, and receiving messages even when things are challenging, in a way that creates an environment where people:

  • feel safe to have these natural ups and downs
  • know how to communicate in ways that keep them moving forward
  • Understand the dynamics between people and how to navigate these dynamics in healthy ways
  • Learn how to dissolve destructive emotions for themselves and with others


These conscious communication skills are important for all team members, so they can take care of their emotional well-being in empowering ways.

Here is a guide to how we help you and your team be more emotionally attuned and adaptable to work and life’s daily demands:


Practice these conscious communication skills, and let us know where we can help you.

For deeper learning on how to create mentally healthy environments as you work with the daily demands of work and life, join other leaders in The Conscious Leadership Experience: a conscious leadership training course that will positively change how you work with time pressures, conflicts, and resistance and achieve results.

We guarantee it!