We’re in this Together: COVID-19

Times of uncertainty can trigger fear and confusion, but it doesn’t have to. Here, you will find tips that will help move you from fear to acceptance, and from confusion to clarity, as we highlight the abundance of incredible opportunities that can be found in this time of great change, including our newly offered complimentary group coaching sessions.

There is a lot going on in the world right now and it’s possible that you’re feeling overwhelmed by concerning news. A 24-hour a day news cycle coming at you from every speaker, every screen and every device can leave you feeling anxious. You might be wondering how to best protect your family at a time like this. And it is understandable if you find yourself asking questions like, How will my business fair? How will I make ends meet? How can I find connection in a time of isolation? And how much is too much toilet paper?

There is no doubt that precautions must be taken in times of emergency, but what will be the state of your mind, body and spirit when the shops reopen and the social activities resume? Giving attention to your mental health and living in a conscious way right now will provide you with clarity so that you can make the best decisions for you, your loved ones and your business. This article does not set out to provide you with answers to the unknown, rather, it is our aim to offer you a different perspective; one that might bring you comfort, peace and even spark within you creativity and innovation as you adjust to the social and business changes you’re experiencing. To safely and healthily navigate your way through this uncharted territory and not miss out on the blessings that are presently before you, we lovingly ask that you embrace the following:


  • Nourish Your Mind

Centuries ago, no one would have thought that too much information could be problematic, but to be oversaturated with talking points and opinions by way of an around the clock media cycle does, in fact, pose a great threat to one’s health. Not only can you be exposed to misinformation, but you can also be triggered by what you hear and then overburdened with anxiety. Seeking out those who exude sensibility and positivity can have a calming effect on one’s mind. It may also help to examine the legitimacy of your news source, moderate your consumption of the information and then change your focus. Instead of following world events moment to moment, give thought to how you can best fulfill your needs and the needs of those around you. If you are struggling with isolation, can you reach out to a friend virtually? Can you think of a few ways that you can feel close to your neighbours and loved ones while maintaining physical distance? And if you are having a hard time adjusting to having the kids at home and your ability to work is being affected, can you think of ways in which you can implement a schedule for you all to follow so that your work related needs can be addressed, as well as you connections needs? Healthy reactions and behaviours stem from a healthy and consciously engaged mind. The well-being of your work life, social life and family life are all connected, and enjoying fulfillment in all such categories is dependent on, and contributes to, a healthy mind.


  • Let it Be

Fear creates resistance but acceptance of reality is what we are striving for. It is so important to break free from the cycle of fear and let go of trying to control the uncontrollable so that you can experience peace. Do only what you can do and consciously let go of the rest. For instance, after receiving the appropriate amount of information from your trusted source(s), take all of the necessary precautions that are available to you and lovingly acknowledge that you did your part. Also, please, don’t make yourself sick by worrying; we are all in this together, and worrying doesn’t help! The world needs you and is here for you. So let’s figure this out together. First, clarify to yourself how you want this time to pass, given the current reality (kids are home, you’re off work or working through the chaos, social distancing, coping with store/service closures, etc.). Can you see this as an opportunity to accept that there are some things that are just not within your control and choose to pass this time as peacefully as possible? You will find this to be a much easier and more enjoyable time if you try. Do you miss social interaction? Can you swap social distancing for physical distancing? There are so many ways we can stay connected in this time. Are you experiencing financial concerns? Would you be willing to see where you can make adjustments? Perhaps you can make requests to select individuals or corporations for a financial grace period. Could you ask that interest not to be accrued? Can you brainstorm ways in which your business can simplify, reduce expenses and compensate for losses? Are you worried about staff engagement? Can you think of ways in which you can support them through their concerns? Initiate a virtual staff meeting and start by achieving team connection. Also, raise the question: How can we use technology to support continuous planning and keep projects moving forward? It is quite possible that even once you’ve done all that you can do, you’ll begin to feel that darn anxiety bubble up again. In such a case, what should you do with a worried mind and idle hands?


  • Find the Opportunity

You have been meaning to spend more time with your spouse and children, but work has been demanding your attention. You’ve been meaning to read that book, paint that wall, reorganize your closet but, alas, the time wasn’t available. For quite some time you have wanted to reassess the needs of your staff, but there was always something more pressing to do. Well, we now find ourselves in a position where the spirit of the world, Mother Nature, if you will, is calling for us to pause and reflect. So do just that: Pause. Breathe. Reassess. While we have always held that time is actually more available to us than we realize, and it’s more a matter of prioritizing our interests and managing our energy levels, a situation like the one at hand undoubtedly frees us of many responsibilities. Without regular staff meetings, rendez-vous and extracurricular activities to attend to, the ever-elusive free time has, at last, made its presence apparent. Instead of spending this gift of time on activities that invite added fear into our lives, let’s use this as an opportunity to be with the things and people that deserve more of our attention. Perhaps, for you, staying home, building a virtual presence within your company or business, and brainstorming creative ways in which your business can evolve and thrive would be the type of meaningful action that would reduce your anxiety and give you a sense of control and purpose. In terms of finding creative ways to fulfill our needs for connection and belonging, we can ask ourselves, How can I be of service? Maybe being helpful and showing loving concern means picking up a prescription or groceries for someone who is unable to go to the store. Or maybe it’s buying gift cards from locally-owned shops that are rapidly losing revenue. No matter how you find ways to serve yourself and your community, seeking opportunities to make connections and fulfill needs will open you up to everyday blessings.



Adapting to change is conscious work but practicing conscious leadership and healthy communication with yourself and with others is how you can break the cycle of fear and stress. When you find yourself in a situation that triggers fear and the uncertainty of your future is weighing heavily on your mind, ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. Do I have the best information to assist me in making the right choices?
  2. What needs are calling for my attention?  Breathe and self reflect to find out.
  3. Make a list of the things that (I think) are out of my control. Make a second list of the things that are within my control. Am I committed to spending more energy here? Am I respecting my limitations?
  4. How can I use the time I am presented with to better serve my needs?
  5. How can I use the time I am presented with to better serve the needs of others?

We know that this work is challenging. Allow us to quell your fears by helping you to identify your true needs and how best to satisfy them. By way of blogs like this, webinars, and complimentary coaching calls we will support you through this! As always, ConsciousLead wishes you clarity and tranquility.

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*Virtual* hugs,

Dale & Trevor