Conscious Connection

Deepening your connection with yourself and with others means taking the time to discover what’s missing and trying your best to satisfy those unfulfilled needs. By making that effort, you can avoid burnout, inspire your team to perform at their best, and guide them through challenging times.

Imagine there was a way to quickly resolve conflict in the workplace or, better yet, avoid it altogether. Suppose, also, you could bypass burnout and, somehow, still keep up with your hectic schedule and stringent deadlines. What if it was possible to motivate your team without overworking them? Are these realities possible?

By making it your aim to understand the role that connection plays in your leadership, you will gain the confidence to address and avoid common work-related issues like the ones highlighted above.

When we say connection, what do we mean? Well, connecting is to attach, bridge or, in some other way, affix one thing to another. In this case, connection refers to being one with your personal needs and the needs of those whom you direct.

Connection is one of the 5C’s we feature in our new Confident Leadership Program. This “C” emphasizes the importance of uncovering areas of vulnerability and striving to satisfy needs, both internal and external. Let’s consider some examples of why deepening connection to oneself and one’s team is essential for effective leadership.

Burnout is one of the number one complaints we coach to and though the process of recovery takes time, our conscious coaching method sharpens one’s ability to early on recognize the signs of stress before damage to oneself and one’s team is inflicted. It’s an invaluable approach! Learning strategies to avoid heading down a woeful path, such as coming to understand your body’s warning signs, learning your limitations, and setting boundaries, will be a benefit to your health, your team’s function and your business.

Further on this, a team feeling unappreciated, overtaxed and/or unheard will struggle with motivation, respect and unity. Understanding what individuals on your team are longing for (time off, a challenge, expressed appreciation) can mean the difference between high turnover rates and employee retention, missed targets and achievement, toxic work culture and fellowship. When we listen to those we manage, we demonstrate a willingness to uplift and a desire to collaborate. Compassion is everything!🙂

When speaking of ways to boost morale, increase wellness and solidify the confidence others have in you, the importance of reaching inward and reaching out cannot be overstated.

Please take a moment to ask yourself:

  1. What are some signs that I have unmet needs? (Insomnia, irritability, tendency to micromanage, etc.).
  2. How can I demonstrate that I am committed to fulfilling my needs? (I.e. establishing boundaries between work and home life, questioning unrealistic deadlines, taking brain/wellness breaks when I feel the need, etc.).
  3. Am I willing to open up dialogue with my staff/colleagues regarding their goals, grievances and concerns? Am I willing to address my concerns with my boss?
  4. How can I ensure that others feel heard and understood? How can I display empathy and compassion?
  5. How might deepening the connection with myself and others increase confidence in my leadership?


Truly, please take the time to reflect on, and thoughtfully respond to these questions. This moment of real self-reflection will create awareness within you that could just be the catalyst to meaningful change in your life, and all those with whom you interact.

Did you enjoy that? Learn more about techniques like this and practice other approaches that will afford you improved leadership confidence by checking out our new Confident Leadership Program. Join leaders from around the world in growing your confidence, courage and resilience.

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