Conscious Clarity

Times of challenge and transition call for adaptable and dependable leadership. Learning how to see past both fear and confusion is a surefire way to keep yourself and your team on the right track.

Can you think of a recent time you experienced change? Maybe it was a shift in circumstance, perspective, or direction. Perhaps you’re one of the many people who was already feeling bogged down by a hefty workload, and, now, find yourself working even harder to manage your team from home. How does it feel to go from a sense of certainty to uncertainty?

For most, change is an uncomfortable and rather unwelcome part of life. One of our leaders likened it to “having the rug pulled out from under him.” Can you relate? Heck, even when change is positive, the anticipation of a new situation can bring on feelings of confusion, fear and anxiousness. Rest assured, all of these feelings are natural!

As creatures of habit, we structure our lives in a way that creates routine. This is because we can derive a sense of peace from predictability. But is having an expectation of stability wise?

It is our belief that it is best to disrupt the held notion that things will continue to be a certain way just because they were that way before. The truth is, change is forever taking place and there is nothing certain about certainty. This is not to say that we shouldn’t set goals and plan for the future. And it also doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to feel stressed and overwhelmed by change. What it does mean, however, is that we’d do well to find something stable and concrete to tether our goals and aspirations to. Now, in an uncertain world, full of change, what might be this fixed and secured thing? Your belief system.

Our aim is to help you better understand the discomfort that you’re feeling during times of change and assist you in adjusting to your new reality in the most peaceful way possible. Our conscious coaching approach is designed to alleviate your stress so that your values become clear to you. The process of creating clarity to access your values can be likened to switching on your GPS when you’ve lost your way. Following your internal “GPS” will remind you of your boundaries, point out your guideposts, and enable course correction when detours and road closures are, inevitably, encountered. Most importantly, connecting you to your values will show you a way forward.

Can you take a few moments to ask yourself:

  1. How do I react to change?
  2. How can reframing (accepting the inevitability of change and viewing it as an opportunity for growth) assist me in adjusting?
  3. What are some signs that it’s time for me to realign with my values?
  4. What practices can help me to move past confusion and stress?
  5. Do I have a way of coaching people to 1) see a way forward and, 2) feel more secure when faced with a crisis/challenge?


Our focus with clients is to help them develop the clarity required to maintain momentum and inspire people!

To learn more and deepen your ability to manage uncertainty and change, check out our Confident Leadership Program.


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