Develop Your Leadership Confidence

You’re a leader who holds fast to a vision and leads by instinct. This is noteworthy because the leaders among us are the ones who lift us up and carry us forward. It is also true that the best leaders rely not on their abilities alone but on additional tools and support to ensure their ongoing success.


As leaders, we’re sometimes asked to make tough decisions and this causes internal conflict because we don’t want anyone to get hurt or the work to suffer. In working with thousands of leaders, we’ve noted clear patterns of concerns and challenges. Here are some commonly asked questions that we coach to:


What if I’m making the wrong decision? How should I go about asking for a raise? How do I reduce the gossip and build trust within the office? How do I do what’s best for the company AND satisfy the needs of my employees? How do I set boundaries but remain open and compassionate at the same time? How can our company survive the current economic situation?


Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck and unable to answer questions like these? If so, you are in good company! Every leader experiences uncertainty while navigating their daily duties. We are here to ease the burden of decision-making that often comes with leadership responsibilities. We have developed a holistic approach that will diffuse the stress you experience when unpredictable things arise and infuse your leadership with the confidence to rise above the challenges.


Introducing the “5 C’s” 


Improve Communication: Stress ‘communicates’ through words and actions and looks different for everyone. Speaking in a way where everyone feels heard and understood will alleviate some of this stress and create opportunities for growth. Do you know how to read and respond to people’s different reactions so they feel heard and understood?


Gain Clarity: It can be especially difficult to see clearly when you’re stressed and an obscured view can lead to impaired judgement/poor decision-making. Do you have a way of coaching people to: 1) see a way forward and, 2) feel more secure when faced with a crisis/challenge?


Deepen Connection: Connecting to your needs, the needs of your employees and to a sense of purpose in your respective roles, will increase work satisfaction and performance. Do you help your team connect their needs (values) to their work so that they feel great about their contribution?


Build Community: Developing authentic, trusting relationships will help you create balance between respecting personal boundaries and remaining open. This will promote collective health and wellness. How could a heightened sense of community in the office contribute to collaboration and motivation?


Move Forward in Courage: Doubt and fear hinder progress. Minimizing uncertainty requires courage to commit to your vision and speak truth in a way that creates understanding rather than guilt. In what ways is courage needed to adjust and re-align with your vision? How can you more fully trust your direction?



Carrying a team forward requires having an intentional plan. This mini-blog series and our virtual Confident Leadership Program focused on the 5 C’s, will be your guide to achieving personal and professional success while saving your time, energy, money, health and relationships.


Please stay tuned, friends, for an in-depth look at each of the C’s, starting with a communication blog next week!


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