Building a Conscious Community

Having a strong support system in place is vital to the process of goal attainment, resilience, adaptability and great leadership. This support system is cultivated by forming genuine bonds with others. When we deepen our connection to others, we align in values, vision and strategy. By building a sense of community within the workplace, you’ll minimize unproductive behaviours, dissipate toxicity and maximize collective wellness.

How would you feel having to journey alone through a dark forest? I think it’s fair to say, the absence of light, the unforeseen obstructions, and the exposure to potential dangers would leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid. How would this experience compare to having even a single companion by your side? Now, multiply that companion by several more. How might the confidence of having others at your side-impact the success of your journey?

This illustration can be applied to our experience in the workplace. While all individuals experience moments of discouragement, the common assumption is that those in leadership roles should be unflappable. The weight of this expectation places an inordinate amount of pressure on leaders to mask any fear, doubt or worry. This pressure is then compounded by the fact that leaders are often already feeling isolated in their times of stress. How can building community help?

Belonging to a team that seeks to encourage and support one another is not only profitable for our business acumen, it also boosts our leadership confidence! This places us somewhere within a beautiful feedback loop in which we, as leaders, are empowered to lead diligently and compassionately, and our team, feeling connected to us, is motivated to support us and perform at a higher level. Though, to experience these prized benefits, a transformation within the workplace would have to happen.



In your efforts to enjoy a happy and healthy work-life, the onus would be on you to lead by example. By way of promoting, cultivating and nurturing healthy relationships, you will surround yourself with like-minded, empathetic and cooperative individuals. A sense of community will promote a healthy workplace culture that will lead to a sense of purpose in one’s career.

Encourage dialogue, honour boundaries, personally offer your help, and implement a zero-tolerance approach to dealing with discrimination of any kind. By doing this continually, you will have shifted the environment from a group of colleagues to a unified community that finds joy in their work.

Leaders are only as good as their support and all good leaders know, you cannot arrive at any meaningful destination alone. Team building (not the event, rather the practice of bonding) establishes trust which, in turn, earns you the support you need to hold fast to the greater vision and attain goals together.

When speaking of ways to boost morale, increase wellness and solidify the confidence others have in you, the importance of reaching inward and reaching out cannot be overstated.


Can you invest a minute for reflection?

  1. Do my employees, bosses and workmates know and understand my values?
  2. Can I identify areas of toxicity within my home/work environment? Can I identify the sources?
  3. What are some ways that I can build authentic relationships with my team instead of just managing their work? (I.e. Getting to know them by way of meaningful conversations and enrolling in ConsciousLead coaching for strategic, goal-focused advice. ;).
  4. How can I see past personality differences and connect with others on the basis of our shared vision and values?
  5. How can I create a balance between establishing boundaries and remaining open?
  6. How could a heightened sense of community in the office increase collaboration and motivation? What actions will I take to achieve this?


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